Canada's electoral history from 1867 to today

Canada's heads of government

by Maurice Y. Michaud (he/him)

William Lyon Mackenzie King is Canada's longest serving prime minister. He was the head of six governments — three majorities and three minorities — but they were not consecutive. Combined, he served in that office a total of 21 years and 154 days.

  • His first term started on December 21, 1921, and ended June 28, 1926.
  • His second term started on September 25, 1926, shortly after Arthur Meighen short-lived Conservative government was voted out of office, and ended on August 6, 1930.
  • His last term started on October 23, 1935, and ended at his resignation as prime minister on November 14, 1948.

Find here all the heads of government in Canada's history since Confederation.
There have been 316 so far.

Premiers and prime ministers

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