Canada's electoral history from 1867 to today

Who was the prime minister and the premier of my province on that date?

by Maurice Y. Michaud (he/him)

Let's find...That's a good question!

Again, maybe it's just a political junkie like myself who has ever wondered, "Who was the prime minister when I was born, and who was my provincial premier?" Or, who were those persons when a significant historical or personal event happened?

Being that I was born in New Brunswick, when I came to this world, my PM and premier were:

 LIB  Lester B. Pearson (federal)

 LIB  Louis J. Robichaud (provincial)

For a while at my day job, my colleagues and I used to take turns to lead our team meeting every two weeks, which we always end with a bit of fun and simply debriefing on what's happening in our lives, which we felt was particularly important to do during the pandemic since most were not used to working from home. When it was my turn, and knowing that many of my colleagues were not born in Canada, I got them to alter the question to "when you first arrived in Canada," which I would argue was one of their significant personal events. Some knew off the top of their head, but others had to ask Mr. Google (because this search engine here didn't exist yet.)

This little thing is just meant to be fun, so go ahead and play with it!


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