Canada's electoral history from 1867 to today

Political figures by identity

by Maurice Y. Michaud (he/him)

Let's find...What's the cultural, religious, or sexual identity of politicians? Who are or were those who identified as indigenous? The compilation of this information within PoliCan is a work in progress. If you can provide evidence to support the addition of a name in any category, please step forward!

Statistics on the identity and diversity of the persons who have been elected can be found in the Legislatures section.

Political figures by category
All genders (5,104)
Men (4,627)
Women (469)
Non binary (8)

Elected (4,586)
Elected or unelected (5,104)
Unelected (518)
Alive or dead (5,104)
Alive (1,447)
Dead (3,657)
Cultural (1,601)
Indigenous (309)
Religious (3,620)
Sexual (116)

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